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Are you familiar with the “Kaka’ako” area? Kaka’ako located on the east side of Honolulu where many new developments are being built. This means the median price for Oahu’s real estate is climbing and property is being sold quickly. You need to make your offer as soon as you find the perfect property for you. You don’t want to risk losing your spot. The average selling price is 96.5% of the listing price. This is a Seller’s market and there is not a lot of room for price negotiation.

In addition to residential growth, the commercial areas are rapidly growing and keeping up with demand. There are many famous restaurants, popular organic stores like “Whole Foods”, one of the trendiest modern furniture stores in Honolulu,” Inspirations,” is located on the first floor of Moana Pacific, and the luxury car dealerships ,Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc, are right around the corner.

With so much attention and dedication to the development of this emerging Kaka’ako/Ala Moana district, it is only a matter of time before it transforms itself into the new center of Honolulu.

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Ala Moana

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